Here at Medical Marketing Guide, we make it our sole priority to provide the best medical marketing to doctors at an affordable price, allowing them to outshine the competition and generate new business with more than just word of mouth.

Every company worth anything is making the strive to get an online presence, and we understand that doctors shouldn’t be an exception.

We understand here at Medical Marketing Guide that people use the internet before any other resource when trying to find a service, even if it’s a local service, and we make sure to hit all the details that allows your company to connect with those searching for the services you offer.

Medical Marketing Guide started as a pamphlet by an anonymous group of medical professionals in 2004 as part of a mentoring program with several medical schools. Back then, our group of doctors put together a three page guide to marketing doctors’ offices with the internet, based on our professional experience, and left the sheet in common areas outside of medical class rooms.

Some people who read the newsletter told us how much the doctor web marketing improved their profits. Our fellow medical services companies have encouraged us to share this advice under the cloak of anonymity, which has allowed us to teach budding doctors the tricks of the trade.