Your website is usually a place of medical advertising; it may also be educational and provide information. However, just as you wouldn’t announce all of your beliefs the second a potential client walks through the door, you’re usually going to be a bit conservative with your opinions on your website. A blog is completely the opposite.

A blog is where readers expect to see your thoughts and beliefs, where you can start discussions with people around the world. If you update regularly, post interesting pieces and respond thoughtfully to your reader’s comments, you will eventually build a sturdy and flourishing community of readers and writers.

Your office is constantly changing and moving. While your doctor website stays static, you’re working on a multitude of different challenges, meeting new people, attending events, and making additions to your team. When a potential visitor comes to your website and sees that everything is the same, they miss out on the moving energy of your office.

Use your blog not only as a place to share educational information with your readers, but also to share your office’s latest successes and changes. This will help visitors make an emotional relationship with your doctors and feel closer to them as they make their decisions.

Allow customers to feel like they already know your office by posting information that directly relates to procedures you have taken part in. This will draw potential patients in as they will feel like they already know your company without even stepping foot into the physical office.