Medical Marketing Guide recommends our friends in the medical department make written content a priority. Hiring consultants with a staff of professional content writers benefits a doctor’s internet marketing strategy.

Developing informative articles relevant to medical topics informs potential patients and appeals to search engine crawlers, which drives doctor web pages up Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings.

Content producing services enhance a doctor’s internet marketing strategies in many ways. Every time a new piece of content is uploaded to a doctor’s website search engines consider it updated.

Updating a website, especially with original content, shows Google that the owner is putting effort into maintaining the website. Search engines program their robots to raise websites that educate their readers through the rankings.

Another important aspect content writers should be capable of is writing comprehensive press releases whenever your company has newsworthy updates. While advertisements are a good way of reaching your audience, news stories are genuinely informational and more likely to be trusted by the average visitor. A press release is also essential because it is shared with the media.

Unlike general content updates, the news must be important enough that various news outlets will be interested and feel that they must share. Only someone with particularly talented writing abilities should create the content, so that every word inspires interest and engagement.

Perhaps you’re choosing to write the press release yourself, or want to give instructions to your writer. A press release is an effective tool in increasing your office’s exposure and connecting with media sources. It also has considerable search engine optimization advantages, because it represents fresh content on your website.

Every time you add a new press release to your website, it improves the freshness rating of your website, thus improving its SEO power. Ideally, a press release should be brief. Cover the content in a simple and straightforward manner that allows readers to absorb the information without too many unnecessary details. Below are some important aspects of a press release that you should include to be properly formatted and most effective.