Making a good impression on your visitors is your website’s very first priority. If a potential patient is blindly searching for medical services and stumbles across your website, he wants to see signals that you are a legitimate doctor that has great experience, a knowledgeable and friendly demeanor, and is reputable for good and honorable business.

The visual appearance of your website goes a long way in assuring the visitor of just that. So, remove any indications that your office is anything other than good and honorable. Have a professional design that looks nice and features only professional images and details about you. Remove anything that sounds like a scam or forceful advertising. Add a page about your successes and be sure to list your qualifications on your doctor profile. And be sure that the contact information is easy to find.

Aesthetically your website should be professional yet modern. A lot of companies keep their original websites for too long causing them to look stale and outdated. Freshness is key as we are a youth oriented society. Content needs to be relevant and flow.