Poorly maintained sites carry outdated content. The webmasters may have gone out of business, gotten bored with the site or created a new webpage. Regardless of what happened, old content omits up-to-date information or is only relevant to past events in the medical field. Respectable encyclopedias carry this information on their websites, but the websites receive millions of page views each day, sometimes every hour.

Professional copywriters are trained in writing articles with useful information pertaining to your business, in this case the medical field. Thought provoking articles will interest readers more than pages full of keywords. The former will improve search engine rankings more than the latter as well.

Web crawlers move websites that host keyword laden articles down their search engine rankings. Internet savvy patients will lose respect for the doctor hosting the filler articles because those pages are considered a way of tricking search engines into raising their ranking. Poor writing sends any potential customers, regardless of their knowledge of the internet, away from your webpage.

However, both types of clientele appreciate web pages with easily read and informed pages, especially ones that may pertain to their needs. Reputable marketing firms will provide examples of the writing staff’s work, if they’re worth the money. Finding a medical content writing staff who writes articles that appeal to the online audience and search engine crawlers will prove a benefit to your office’s website and profit margin.

Hiring an outside writer can be good for a busy doctors’ office, but if your budget is limited and your doctor’s have an hour or so a week to spare, having your own doctors write the content can also be a great decision. Your website is a reflection of your office, and the tone and style of the writing will influence visitors’ thoughts about your company. By having your own doctors write updates on the websites, a more accurate picture of their voice and beliefs will come through. In addition, they’re likely to have much more interesting medical experiences to talk about than the average content writer.